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Launch of Big Data in a company.
Data-driven culture.


Address: tbc in Moscow
The 4th industrial revolution in progress
Companies need to adapt to new living conditions. The faster the better
Launching Big Data from scratch can be a problem. What can be done with my data? What are monetization strategies? What can and cannot be done with machine learning algorithms? What software do I need? What infrastructure? What team members do I need? How to manage projects in this area?
What is included in the program
2 days
Two full days from 10 till 18. In the end you will have all the answers to the questions at the start of a big data project.
1 project
During the program, you will be able to work through your own project, which you then implement in your company.
4 experts
Instructors who have already gone this way in the past and can warn against some mistakes.
We developed the program for
Top managers\ managers
Do you run a company or one of its divisions? At the program you will learn how to start the digitalization process, and you will understand how much it will cost.
Product managers
Do you manage product development within the organization? After 2 days, you can find out what additional features based on data analysis can be added to increase retention.
Do you always want to improve and optimize something? At the program you will learn what tasks and projects can be implemented with limited resources.
What will you learn
Our program has three components
You will learn about the strategies and ways to monetize data. Get understanding on how data is already being applied across industries. Understand which pilot project you can implement in your company.
You will learn what tasks AI can solve and which ones not, what infrastructure and software may be needed to launch the project. Understand who your big data project team should consist of.
You will learn to evaluate the timing and cost of various big data projects, how to properly assign the task to the performers and evaluate the quality of the result. You will get an idea of ideal data analysis process and what corporate culture has to do with it.
Day 1. Monetization and types of data analysis
Generating ideas for your project. Understanding of data needed
You will find out why a big data boom happened, about data sources, which monetization strategy you should choose.

You will study different types of analysis and how they can be used in your business. You will also learn how machine learning algorithms work and it will no longer be "magic", you will also know about the limitations of each algorithm.
At this session you will learn what software you can use to process large and small data, as well as what features various cloud providers have.

Day 2. Project evaluation and management
Cost and timing of a project. Stakeholders
You will learn to choose: buy hardware, rent or use the cloud. You will also learn how much time this or that project may take timeand how much it will cost.

In this part we talk about how to make data-based decisions correctly. What is the secret ingredient for the digitalization process to be successful. How to build a data-driven culture and what it is about.
At the end of the program, you will present the project you worked on for two days and get feedback from one of the instructors.

Our instructors – industry practitioners who can explain complex things in simple words
Oleg Khomyuk
Head of R&D, Lamoda
Vadim Melnikov
CTO, Travel service
Andrey Zimovnov
Senior developer, Yandex.Xen
Denis Afanasyev
Where our alumni work
Here they live and work

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