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Fall 2019


Processing images and texts
using neural networks
The goal of this program is to give practical skills to work with deep neural networks
Each student of the program will be given a virtual machine with a GPU in a cloud, available 24 hours every day of the program. Used libraries: Caffe, Keras.

The program is designed for those who already have knowledge and experience in the field of machine learning and data science.
What you will learn
Our program has three components
Solve tasks
You will how to solve practical tasks with deep learning
You will learn how to classify images using deep learning, create complete applications for image and text processing
You will learn how to conduct sentiment analysis of texts using deep learning technology
Module 1. Introduction to Deep Learning and image classification
Module 2. Text classification
Where our alumni work
This is where they live

Our principles in teaching
To make learning effective and interesting we use andragogy
The material is focused on specific tasks
Our goal is to teach you to solve problems from real life, and not just cover the list of topics. Theory is only a tool necessary for solving problems, and not a goal itself.
The ability to apply new knowledge immediately
After the first week you will learn how to deploy your Hadoop-cluster in cloud and will be able to use this knowledge for a pilot project at work.
Autonomy in lab tasks

Our lab tasks are composed in such a way so that you often need to google something. After the program, you will have your 'luggage' of quality resources to deal with different tasks.
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