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Corporate trainings
in big data
We teach your colleagues since 2015
800+ graduates in Russia, Europe and the USA
People and their competencies are the key to a data-driven organization. But where to find them?
You can hire
But there's always lack of candidates and they're often hard to hire
Or you can develop your employees
They're already with you, loyal and will be happy to improve their knowledge and skills
Long programs
We have open programs: "Big Data Specialist", "Data Engineer", "Deep Learning", "Data Analysis with Scala"
Separate modules
We have the opportunity to enrol only for some specific modules of a program and create a personal educational tracks for your employees with only topics and tools that you need
Custom programs
We can develop custom program according to your business needs both for specialists and managers

Our clients' results

The growing number of initiatives and projects in the field of digital transformation and big data
Accumulation of in-house expertise and reduction of dependence on outsourcing and consulting
Increased number of internal projects that reduce production costs
Creation of data-driven products generating additional revenue
Creation of cross-functional teams who speak the same language and understand each other

Our programs

Corporate programs

Long programs:
Series of programs based on "Digitalization of business"
"Big Data Specialist",
"Digitalization of business"
Short and special programs:
Overview lectures
Consulting of top managers
Overview lectures

Group participation in open programs:
The program "Big data and its monetization" for top managers of the company
Deep Learning
Program "Management of big data"

Need custom program?
Let's discuss

Why Newprolab?

Newprolab was the first in Russia in 2015 to start teaching professionals to work big data. We remain leaders with the widest line of programs in this field.
Real business tasks, real clusters and modern data tools.
Our instructors are industry practitioners who explain complex things in simple terms.
A methodology that maintains a balance between independence and support. This allows a participant to feel he\ she can solve any task.

Where our Alumni live and work

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